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  • Malik Brown

Jean Elie and Mike Gauyo discuss their new ALLBLK dramedy series ‘Send Help’

Jean Elie is the leading cast member and co-creator and Mike Gauyo is the writer and co-creator of ALLBLK’s new dramedy series “Send Help.” After working together on the Issa Rae show “Insecure,” Elie and Gauyo are back to tell the story of a Haitian-American living in Hollywood.

Elie and Gauyo spoke with rolling out about the show, and what they want viewers to take away from it.

Jean Elie: It’s loosely based on my life. It was something that I was thinking about for a very long time before “Insecure” happened and as that went on and I got the opportunity to create it, Mike and I had a conversation and we started developing the story together. It’s something that I’ve been wanting to do for about eight or nine years, but seven years ago is when it started to materialize. The fact that we were able to get the show the way we wanted to make it is nothing short of a blessing.

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