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  • Jared Alexander

Jean Elie and Mike Gauyo on ‘Send Help’ series, telling authentic stories and more

Jean Elie and Mike Gauyo are elated now that “Send Help” is finally out. The actor and the writer are the co-creators of the new AllBlk series, which is loosely inspired by Elie’s life. TheGrio caught up with the the pair to break down the new show, their experiences in the industry and more.

In “Send Help,” Elie and Gauyo tell a dynamic story of chasing dreams and “making it” in Hollywood. Fritz Jean-Baptiste (Elie) is a successful Haitian-American actor in Los Angeles, who receives a devastating blow when his show is canceled. Still dealing with a recent tragedy and battling imposter syndrome, he tackles universal challenges that many of us do in our day-to-day lives. “Send Help” dives deep into this journey.

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