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‘Send Help’ Creators Jean Elie And Mike Gauyo Talk New ALLBLK Comedy Series And Being Unapologetical

The Merienda with… interview series is an interview with an actor, filmmaker, producer, writer or anyone else who wants to wants to hang out with me, eat some food and/or have some drinks. In Tagalog, “merienda” means afternoon snack, but to me, it encompasses any time of day and it doesn’t really need to be a snack. It can be a full meal, just coffee, or drinks. Most of all, it reminds me of the times when my family or friends would have “merienda” and talk about our days or just gossip. It was all about connection and catching up. Merienda with… reflects exactly that with cool people doing amazing things in the industry as we talk about their journeys, identity, hot topic issues or just random stuff. All the while, we eat and drink because food brings people closer together.

When I asked Send Help‘s Jean Elie and Mike Gauyo to where we should meet for merienda, they immediately said: “Mama Carmen’s” in south Los Angeles. I was excited and said, “Dope! Can’t Wait.”

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