Jéan Elie is a Haitian American actor/write, known for playing Ahmal Dee on HBO’s critically acclaimed comedy series Insecure. Elie rose to recognition as an actor for playing Yves Durand in the 2017 limited drama series American Crime, before attaining his most prominent role as Issa Rae’s brother, Ahmal Dee on Insecure. 


Other credits include BET holiday drama film Throwback Holiday

horror film The Final Wish, digital series Giants, Rider, and Black Girl in Big Dresses, voiceover on animated series Alvin and the Chipmunks, and short drama films Thin Walls, Detour, and A Gentleman Always.  




Insecure HBO 

Elie plays Issa Rae's fictional brother who tells it how it is no matter the occasion. 

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American Crime Season 3

Elie plays the son of an au pair who comes to America in hopes of saving his estranged mother of 17 years



Elie plays a first generation Haitian American trying to support his mother and niece while pursing a career as an actor.  


Under the banner of Bassett House Pictures, Elie has written, directed, and produces content for digital brand and streaming services. 

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