"It's not that I wanted to do this myself, I had no choice" 

Jean Elie is a Haitian American actor and filmmaker. He came to national prominence for his acclaimed portrayal of Ahmal Dee on the Emmy award-winning HBO series, Insecure. Recently, Netflix and iconic director, Ava DuVernay, tapped Jean for a guest starring-role on the new hit series, Colin in Black and White. Elie first captured audiences in his breakthrough role on the ABC series American Crime. Die-hard fans know Jean’s short film "A Gentleman Always", premiered at the "20th Urbanworld Film Festival" and inspired him to found his company, Bassett House Pictures. 


Elie trained at the Playhouse West School and Repertory Theater and holds a Business Management degree from Johnson & Wales University. His business savvy helped him amass over 10 million views of his original creative content on new media platforms, such as Youtube, Facebook, and Flipagram.


Off-screen, Elie is just as active with his production company, Bassett House Pictures, and his clothing line, Bassett Apparel. Elie is now working on a hush hush, soon to be released, scripted series coming to a well know streaming platform. 

Throwback Holiday
American Crime
All I Want For Kwanza
Boomerang Kids
Alvin N the Chipmunks
A Gentleman Always

"Nobodys is going to invest in you until you invest in yourself" 

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