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'Insecure’ Star Jean Elie Talks Infidelity, Expectations and Why He’s Team Lawrence

We love a man who isn’t afraid to speak his mind and keep it all the way real, and when it comes to love and relationships, Jean Elie certainly doesn’t hold back. It’s no surprise that Elie caught our attention on HBO’s Insecure as Ahmal Dee—Issa’s smart-mouthed little brother who appears on the last few episodes of Season 2.

Shot by Jesse Lin

But while we certainly appreciate having a little eye candy on the show, we have our eye on Elie for other reasons. Beyond the humor, the Haitian-American is proving himself to be one to watch, snagging credits on ABC’s American Crime and visually directing music videos for Timbaland co-signed artist Brandon Tory. Not bad for someone who just a few years ago decided to quit his day job and hopped on a one-way flight to Los Angeles with only $1,000 in his pocket to pursue his acting and directing career.

That kind of ambition alone makes us just a bit curious about the actor after the cameras stop rolling, so we sat down with Elie for some real talk about his insecurities, his thoughts on cheating and why he prefers tomboys over supermodel types.

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