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  • Bianca Brutus

On the Scene: AMC and ALLBLK’s NYC Premiere Party for ‘Send Help’

The ‘Send Help’ premiere party made for quite an eventful evening!

The watch party was hosted in Brooklyn Tuesday night and attended by a large audience along with the cast and crew behind the show. The first episode is already available on the AMC streaming platform ALLBLK, but guests were able to view the second episode which will be released later this week.

The series follows Fritz Jean-Baptiste (Jean Elie)—a Haitian-American actor whose hit series ‘This Can’t Be Us’ is canceled after controversy hits the production. The out-of-work actor must then navigate starting over in Hollywood while also dealing with a recent family tragedy. The dramedy additionally stars Amin Joseph, Karen Obilom, Courtney Taylor, and Catfish Jean.

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