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  • Njera Perkins

"Send Help" Creators Jean Elie and Mike Gauyo on Bringing the Haitian American Experience to TV

A new dramedy series on AMC's Allblk is spotlighting the Haitian American experience. "Send Help," a half-hour coming-of-age tale, follows Jean Elie as Fritz Jean-Baptiste — a first-generation Haitian American actor with a starring role on a fictional TV show titled "This Can't Be Us." While reeling from a recent tragedy, Fritz's show gets canceled and he's left to be the sole provider for his very demanding Haitian family. Amid all the chaos, Fritz must conquer his imposter syndrome and the challenges of "making it" in Hollywood.

"Send Help" is largely inspired by Elie's own life story, and years after he joined forces with fellow "Insecure" alum Mike Gauyo, the show is finally ready to make its debut on Aug. 11. "It feels a little surreal, but we're so excited for everyone to watch the show and to get to know Fritz and our other characters," Gauyo tells POPSUGAR.

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