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  • Ny MacGree

‘Send Help’ Exclusive Clip: ‘It’s Getting Serious w/ Ashley’ | Watch

*We have an exclusive clip of ALLBLK’s new series “Send Help” from “Insecure” alums Jean Elie and Mike Gauyo.

In the series, Elie stars as “Fritz Jean-Baptiste,” a first-gen Haitian American actor currently starring in his first TV series and living the dream in Hollywood. Fritz is also the sole support system for his Haitian family. When a viral incident abruptly cancels his show, Fritz is back at square one. To add to it, he is struggling with imposter syndrome while unpacking his relationships with his family and close friends, which include Patrick (Catfish Jean “Survivor’s Remorse”), Nicole (Courtney Taylor), and Sebastian, a.k.a. “Simp” (Amin Joseph “Snowfall”).

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