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  • Nyah Peebles

Why You Should Watching ALLBLK’s New Orginal Series “Send Help”

ALLBLK gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the life of an actor trying to make it in Hollywood while balancing family and relationships in its new dark comedy series “Send Help.” The show features familiar faces from HBO’s hit series “Insecure” as its co-creators, actor Jean Elie, who portrayed Ahmal Dee on “Insecure,” and Mike Gauyo, who was a writer and story editor for the show.

The series follows Fritz, played by Jean Elie, a first-generation Haitian American as he attempts to bounce back after the cancellation of his hit series, all while taking care of his family and maintaining his relationships. Throughout the seven-episode series, the character grapples with topics such as grief, imposter syndrome, and societal and familial pressures.

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